Has spring break become just a reason to behave badly without any regard for the law? That question has many parents concerned. Just as concerned about the answer to that question are tourism officials at popular spring break destinations like Destin, Fort Walton, Fort Lauderdale, South Beach, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, South Padre Island, the Bahamas, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta.

The United States State Department has already issued travel warnings for popular tourist destinations in the Bahamas and in Mexico. Local officials in Florida, Alabama, and in Texas are issuing warnings and advice to spring breakers in advance of the influx of young party people.

However, the spring break destinations in the U.S. seem to be more focused on keeping spring breakers safe from themselves and out of trouble before the trouble has a chance to start.

Officials in Miami around the famous South Beach area have posted fliers and signs urging spring breakers to "enjoy your vacation, don't leave on probation". The fliers point out Florida's public disturbance, drug and alcohol laws.

City leaders in Orange Beach Alabama, a popular destination for South Louisiana spring breakers are on record with a similarly tough stance. The Mayor of Orange Beach told the Montgomery Advertiser,

If you are looking for a party town, the city of Orange Beach is not it

Mayor Tony Kinnon says law enforcement in Orange Beach will also operate under a zero tolerance policy. In fact, the city will deploy undercover officers to the beaches and bars to curtail underage drinking, rowdy behavior, illegal drug use, and other activities that are either disturbing the peace or breaking the law.

In Gulf Shores Alabama, the seasonal ban of alcohol on the beaches will be in effect through April 28th. Again law enforcement will respond with zero tolerance to those who choose to challenge the law.

The bottom line is simply this. Have fun during your time in the sun but don't let the party get out of control. The law is still the law even when you're on vacation. Trust me, the jails in some of these beach towns are not where you want to be when you have to call Mom and Dad and explain what happened.

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