The State Department of Education is launching the “Be Irreplaceable. Be a Teacher” campaign.

Teacher of the Year Kim Eckert announced the 100-thousand-dollar campaign which is an effort to convince high school and college students to make a career in the teaching profession.

"There aren't that many careers where you have a direct impact or a direct pulse on what you want the future to look like."

Eckert says DOE will attempt to attract Generation Z about the prestige of the teaching career through television, radio and billboard ads and their website.

"If we really allow education to take it's place and teachers to take their place in a prestigious field, that that message needs to be promoted as well."

Eckert says it’s a challenge to bring in new teachers to Louisiana, since nearby states pay an average of 17-hundred-dollars more. She says it can be overcome by urging teachers to speak openly with lawmakers and education officials and that starts with this campaign.

"I think that the more we elevate the profession and the more we really build up and attract the best and the brightest who have a passion for some much more than teaching content, I think the better that conversation is going to be."

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