The State Fair of Louisiana closed early on Wednesday because of the weather, but it's back open today just in time for Halloween and dollar day.



The nasty weather that moved into our area yesterday did create a slight problem for this year’s State Fair of Louisiana.

General Manager Chris Giordano says it was raining so hard, many of the rides couldn’t operate. So he decided to shut things down for the evening. But he says he doesn’t expect it to have much of a negative economic impact.

“Of course, yesterday was down compared to that particular day a year ago, but it looks like the weather is going to be beautiful this weekend, and we can make up a lot of ground over the weekend,” Giordano says. “Actually, through the first week of the fair, we were running a little above last year. So we’re probably about even with last year at this point.”

Giordano tells us the first week has gone very well. He says the crowds were good all week, and the only rain — before yesterday’s — was during the overnight hours from Saturday into Sunday. “We had real big crowds Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” he says. “Thursday, our opening day, was just a little down from a year ago, but I think that’s because we’re offering more promotions during the weekdays this year. So it’s kind of spreading it out a little bit, whereas last year, opening day was a dollar day.”

That’s actually what today is, too. You can park and get in free before 3 p.m., and it’s a dollar for each after that. And all the carnival rides, and some of the food items, are only $1, too. Since it’s also Halloween, Giordano says the kids are invited out to trick-or-treat. A lot of the concessionaires will be handing out candy.