Apparently the COVID-19 malady isn't the only thing that is going viral in Louisiana. Apparently there are posts on social media that are convincing many Louisiana citizens that the threat of the coronavirus is going to shut down major highways, the interstate system, and even close state borders. Well, like most things you read on websites where people can't be held accountable, those stories are false.

The past several days have seen an increase in phone calls to state police offices from citizens concerned about the closure of roadways. Some people have even reported reading via social media that state borders would be closing.

While it's true there are some roads and highways that are closed in our state. Those closures are for repairs. In fact, you can see a map of road-related issues on your computer by visiting That website lists not only construction and work zones but it has an up to date look at crashes on the state's highways too.

State Police, as well as local authorities, encourage you to not depend on social media sites for official information. There are many sites online where official and vetted information can be found. The Governor's website is a great resource as is the Louisiana Department of Health's website.

You can also find vetted and confirmed information on reputable media websites such as this one. But, if you have to depend on social media, at least confirm what you're reading by checking out the Facebook Page of the Louisiana State Police.



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