Just when you thought you knew the movie Steel Magnolias by heart, it gets the 'Saints' treatment by DJ Rhett!

Only DJ Rhett could take one of the most heartbreaking, tear jerking scenes in a Louisiana classic like Steel Magnolias and make you laugh... even though you don't want to!

Seriously, how do you even conceive of doing an overdub of Steel Magnolias? The movie is practically an instutution. Heck, some would consider changing a single frame of the film complete blashphemy!

That's why I didn't want to laugh, but DJ Rhett got me. His goal in life is to entertain and make people smile and in the end, I did.

After all, being a good southern woman in the great state of Louisiana, M'Lynn would obviously be a Saints fan. Every Sunday during football season, you just know she serves up the best chips, dips and appetizers to Drum and his buddies!

So, watch it, try not to get offended, and enjoy a good laugh!

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