One of the staples in Louisiana is a good Cajun Gumbo, usually served up with a spoon of potato salad.

This gumbo bowl, produced by Denise Austin of Hammond, provides convenience for those who like potato salad with their gumbo!

I said "with" their gumbo, not "in" their gumbo - that's just nasty (go ahead: argue with me).

There are 3 kinds of gumbo eaters: those who like their potato salad IN their gumbo; those who like their potato salad NOT in their gumbo; and those who don't like potato salad at all. (I'm one of the latter). This bowl is good for any of the three: if someone likes the potato salad in their gumbo, they can put some of each in both sections of the bowl; for those who keep it separate, it's easy; for people like me who don't eat potato salad, it just means more gumbo!

Now, to argue with you about putting potato salad IN your gumbo: would you put pickles in your gumbo? Would you put mustard in your gumbo? Would you put mayo in your gumbo? I rest my case.

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