News like this doesn't come along very often, but Casting Taylormade (a really big and important casting company for some of the biggest shows / TV shows) is looking for a few good former band kids.  It's cool enough that Hollywood is finally realizing the absolute star power of the Big (insert school color) Marching Machine alumni, but it's even cooler that the show they are casting for is Stranger Things!

The casting company is looking for "men and women of all ethnicities who have had or currently are experienced in participating in a marching band."  Taylormade is casting former marching band members for extras, but you can't just wing it.  You will actually have to play 2 songs and march, so if you fake it - you won't make it.

If you fit this description, and want to re-live the heady days of hash-marks and counter-marches for you big shot at stardom - maybe you could make the cut.  Taylor made is looking for former bandies from 16 to 30 years old to film for 2 undetermined days a the end of October in Atlanta, Georgia.  Start practicing your scales and arpeggios now, and get signed up by clicking here.

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