Getting folks back to work has been a tall task for many small business owners across the state. But for those who do want employment, it's a good time to leverage your assets to a potential employer.

For example, if you are in the exotic dancing business, you could pocket an extra grand as a signing bonus.

Larry Flynt's Huster Club has reportedly had so much trouble finding strippers these days that they have begun offering $1,000 signing bonuses.

Club manager Ann Kesler tells that the Hustler Club reopened in February with six dancers and currently has 15. However, that is still not enough to increase its days of operation.

Right now the club is only open from Thursday to Sunday, but they would like to return to their full seven-day schedule in the next couple of months. To do so, they'd need about 65 performers.

Kesler said she's not really sure why they're having such a shortage but does offer some reasons. "New Orleans is a transient city," she said. During the pandemic, some of the entertainers were forced to "move back with their parents or back to where they're from."

So far, Kesler says that the club has not issued any of the $1,000 signing bonuses, but since the offer went public this week, two dancers have expressed interest in returning.

Nearby Penthouse Club says they're not having the same issue with a stripper shortage. "We haven't noticed this issue," General manager Jonas Hair said. "Everybody's back, and we're rockin' and rollin'."

Stripper shortage or not, from all accounts, New Orleans is definitely back in business.

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