I like jokes. Let me clarify, I like jokes made at the proper time and in the proper context. I can tell you right now there is nothing funny about a "threat made against the student body" of any school anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, a 16-year-old Lousiana boy is learning that lesson the hard way.

Officials in Calcasieu Parish say they were notified of a threat against Barbe High School that reportedly appeared on social media Sunday evening. The alleged threat reportedly showed a 16-year-old boy brandishing an airsoft gun. The gesture was not taken as a joke by the Calcasieu Parish School Board and the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department wasn't laughing either.

The boy was arrested and charged with terrorizing.

Sherrif's officials and school board officials are imploring parents to please speak with their children regarding these kinds of online threats. They are taken seriously and can lead to very serious consequences.

So far this school year there have been at least four other reported threats made against Calcasieu Parish Schools. Fortunately, none of them have evolved into a tragedy. However, the people making the threats have learned what zero tolerance means the hard way.

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