Hailey-Lou Vaske, valedictorian at Calvary Baptist Academy, was escorted off stage during her class speech at Calvary's graduation ceremony. Vaske was interrupted after she began detailing mistreatment she felt she received from school officials and school counselor Angela May.

During the speech, Vaske claimed that May consistently humiliated her in front of other students and did not submit her ACT test for grading, which nearly cost Vaske $60,000 in scholarships.

"There’s others including administration and counselors that caused more distress than comfort by endangering scholarship opportunities, caused humiliation in front of peers and family, and endorsed the behavior and actions only because of who you are and who you knew,” Vaske said before getting pulled off stage.

Calvary Superintendent Chad McDowell says that students aren't allowed to deviate from their approved speeches and that is what led to Vaske being removed from the stage. Vaske said she just felt compelled to stand up for herself and her fellow students.

The school will send her diploma and transcripts some time in the next 7 days. For Vaske, she's headed to Baylor University in August.

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