A Texas student had a complete meltdown in a classroom and it was all caught on camera by a fellow student in the room.

The incident happened at Castleberry High School in Fort Worth, Texas and as you will see below, when the teacher attempts to use the phone, the angry student hangs it up and then threatens to call her mom.

At one point, the student strikes the teacher on the arm as she, the teacher, attempts to deescalate the hostile situation.


The student ultimately does make contact with her mother and I don't know what her parent told her, but the student with the phone ultimately throws the phone down towards the teacher.

As you may expect, many on social media have viewed and commented on this incident and after watching this several times I have come up with my own conclusions.

For one, this explains why we see fewer young people getting into education, there's just a complete lack of respect for authority.


Secondly, this student appears to be a very spoiled young lady. If she had any respect for her elders, she would have never acted like this.

I don't know what caused her to behave as such in the classroom, but her actions and her language are completely out of line here.

I do applaud the teacher for remaining professional here, I honestly don't know if I could have remained as calm as she did under these circumstances.

Check out what some are saying about this incident from the classroom in Texas. See if your feelings resemble some as below.

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