In the movie Becoming Jane where Anne Hathaway plays Jane Austen, there is a scene where Jane's father tells her that "nothing destroys spirit like poverty." This comes just after Jane refuses to go through with an arranged marriage with a wealthy man so that she may live comfortably and free from poverty.

I have thought about that quote often as a warning to save money so that I may have a happier life, but after rewatching the movie and also reading an article from CNN I am think ing about that entire scene in a new way.

In an article from CNN, a study showed that money causes people to become jerks. "People at the lower end of the income scale take more pleasure in their relationships and enjoy caring for and connecting with others," as stated in journalEmotion and mentioned by CNN.

Imagine that Jane Austen went through with the marriage. Her life may be comfortable, but will she truly be happy? Will her newly hitched homeboy be a totally jerk, CNN says that he might just be.

"As income increases, as you rise in the rankings of household income, your tendencies -- or daily experiences -- of pride, amusement, contentment go up, and your experience of compassion and love and awe go down," Paul Piff, lead author of the study and an assistant professor of psychology and social behavior at the University of California, Irvine told CNN.

Now look at Cinderella! Did she become a jerk when she came into a lot of money? According to Huffington Post, in the Grimm's Fairytales Cinderella makes her stepsister's eyes pecked out by birds so... You can be the judge on that one.

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