It hasn’t even been a full month since we took in an eyeful of the first trailer for George Clooney’s upcoming directorial effort Suburbicon, and now we’ve got a handsome new trailer to gaze at while counting down the days until the premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. There’s a bit of retread from the first teaser — we get the same money shot of Julianne Moore’s housewife on-the-edge crushing a whole mess of pills for her famous PB&J&Medicine sandwiches — but the new preview offers us a closer look at Matt Damon’s character, a classic Coen brothers man-in-turmoil. (The brothers drew up the script for the mystery.)

Gardner Lodge is having a tough time with things. After intruders break into his house and murder his wife, he seems relatively unfazed and goes through his grieving process with suspicious stoicism, mostly processing the loss by working out with his grip exerciser. (Does this technically count as a “get a grip” visual pun?) When the dearly departed’s sister (Moore) moves in to keep a feminine presence in the home, an “insurance claims inspector” (Oscar Isaac, wearing the hell out of that mustache) who seems to enjoy menacing the folks he visits shares some rather threatening words with Gardner. And from there, things go from bad to worse to drenched in blood. The trailer’s greatest gag was first introduced in the previous spot, as Gardner takes a casual nighttime constitutional on his tricycle, the framing delivering the punch line perfectly.

The general public will be able to lay eyes on Suburbicon on October 27, but the festival dates are just a few weeks away. Hopes are high for this one, as well they should be — it’s the closest thing we have to a new Coen brothers movie until we get that new Coen brothers movie, which will actually be a TV show on the Internet.

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