On Father's day weekend we raised a whole lot of money for Roy's Kids at the Dad Bod Car Wash. It was a definitely a success!

However, it got us thinking this morning about the not-so-celebrated Mom Bod. Over the past few years we have come to embrace dad bodies. The abs are out, and the healthy look is in. Not gunna lie, I am a lady who has no babies and I prefer a dad bod over a chiseled sculpture. Hey if you got it flaunt it, but don't be afraid or ashamed to own the body you got.

As someone who celebrates body positivity and encourages it, we need to highlight the awesomeness that is the Mom Bod. You got stretch marks- own it! You got that messy bun going- own it! No one rocks those leggings like do so embrace it.

Photo Credit Carter Bouquin

You are a super hero! You created life and brought it to this world. You deserve to be celebrated. And if you have mom bod buddies who are lacking in the confidence department encourage them to rock it!

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