Summer is here, school is out, and now we all have to find things for the little ones to do. This list should help!

As a father of two girls, I find myself hurting creatively on a weekly basis trying to find something new and excited for the girls to do. Luckily, our area is rich with places and activities for the kids to enjoy and never get tired of.

Below I've listed several of our favorite things to do in the Summer in Shreveport!

  • 1

    Splash Kingdom Water Park

    Of course, everyone knows this water park in Shreveport should be at the top of everyone's  list when it comes for summer activities. If you haven't been in a few years, take the little ones this summer. You'll be surprised to see the many renovations made at the water park, and the kids will have a blast every single time.

  • 2

    Indoor Trampoline Park

    I'll be honest, if this list was based on what I like do to with the kids during the summer, this would be at the top of my list. I'm not a fan of the unnaturally hot weather we get deep into summer, and the indoor trampoline parks are nice and cool, yet still give my girls an opportunity to do something truly awesome.

  • 3

    Gators and Friends

    Not a day has gone by this summer without one of my daughters asking if we can take a trip to Greenwood to enjoy Gators and Friends. This place place is awesome, and features alligators living in their natural habitat. They also have an incredibly fun petting zoo.

  • 4

    Rock Solid Impact Center

    When it comes to summer camps that offer literally a little bit of everything, no one can compete with Rock Soliud Impact Center. Offering sports camps, day camps, adventure camps, family camps, holiday camps, inner city projects, and community wide activities. Kids, ages 4-18, have the opportunity to participate in an all around camp experience in a fun environment.

  • 5

    A Day on the Lake

    Nothing beats a day on the lake in Shreveport-Bossier. The girls love any lake day they are able to experience during the summer, and with so many beautiful bodies of water nearby, it's always a fun decision to decide where to next.

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