Temperatures have been bumping 100 degrees these days and that's too hot for outdoor pets, the very old and the very young.

So, how do you beat the heat? You could play in a fire hydrant. under the sprinkler, or just strip down and go skinny dipping. Or, you could just stay inside, with the blinds drawn and the air condition cranked up to maximum capacity.

We're just barely into summer, and its already this hot. It makes one wonder how high this summer's scorching temperatures will get.

Extended weather and almanac reports suggested a summer not as hot as last year. Yeah right. I'm thinking the forecasters are wrong. Since there's nothing we can do about the weather, but complain, I'm in favor of grabbing a big ice cream cone and embracing the heat.

It's perfect weather for ice cream, smoothies, or those slurpies we used to get from the convenience store. If you can't beat the heat, eat the treat.