I learned the hard way the importance of sunscreen!

Whenever my daughter gets ready to hit the pool with her friends, my wife and I always remind her to wear sunscreen because we don't want her to get a sunburn. At this point we think she's got it because when she gets her things ready to go to the pool, the bottle of sunscreen is right there on top of her towel! She understands its use and purpose, not to get a sunburn and will eventually learn about the health benefits of sunscreen.

So here's how I learned my lesson! Last week while taking a quick vacation to San Antonio, we ran across the Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels and decided to spend an entire day at the famous central Texas water park. Once we arrived, paid the admission and obtained a locker, my daughter said it was time for sunscreen. We all applied a generous dose of sunscreen but didn't think too much about my legs for some reason. Once we had some fun floating around Schlitterbahn, we decided to go to the other side of the park and to reapply sunscreen. This time I thought about my feet for some reason, so I sprayed down my feet pretty good along with the rest of my body and went about floating down this river ride called 'The Falls'! We had a ton of fun on this ride and found ourselves camped out in this continuous river of fun for nearly three hours until we felt like we were burning.

Oops! Sunscreen! So we make a dash to the gift shop to purchase some (because ours was locked up in a locker on the other side of the park that would require a tram ride to get). Once we reapplied, we went about our day and continued to have fun. When we decided we had enough, that's when I saw, along with my wife, the damage that had been done from earlier in the day! My feet and legs were sunburned pretty bad!

By this time the tops of my feet were really red and starting to hurt! I had to drive back to San Antonio barefooted and hit up a Walmart to buy some pain relieving cream. My wife found this product called Aloecane, that had some pain reliever in it that worked great for me. Thankfully I was on top of it when it happened because my skin hasn't peeled yet!

That's the lesson that I learned while on this mini-vacation, when in a water park remember to apply sunscreen to legs and the tops of feet too!

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