Even the moon has gotten more complicated since when I was a kid. There used to be just a full moon, a new moon, a quarter moon, and a crescent moon. Now we have Blood Moons, Super Moons, Harvest Moons, Strawberry Moons, and this weekend the Super Blood Wolf Moon featuring a lunar eclipse.

I know, it's all the same moon and the different monikers have been handed down or should I say up to the moon over generations. This weekends lunar event promises to be pretty cool if you are into heavenly bodies that aren't nearly naked on Instagram.

So let's define what we are actually going to be looking at this weekend. A Super Moon is when there is a full moon at a time when the Moon is closest to the Earth. The Wolf Moon is the name given to any full moon that happens during the month of January.

So, where does the "blood" come into play?

The word blood is used as an adjective to describe the color of the moon as it is affected by the eclipse. As the Earth's shadow starts to pass over the moon it gives the moon a bloodlike color.

If the skies are clear Sunday night into Monday morning you should be able to see the eclipse just fine right here in Louisiana. Remember you're going to want a jacket because it's gonna be darn cold Sunday night into Monday morning.

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