You may remember Casey Margolis as the child actor who played a young version of Jonah Hill's character Seth in the hit 2000s comedy Superbad. Now 15 years after the movie's debut, Margolis is still cashing in with royalty checks.

Margolis recently took to TikTok where he boldly revealed just how much he is still making from the 2007 film, calling himself "the kid who drew the d---s in Superbad."

Fans leaned into the video immediately.

"This is how much I made 15 years later from the movie," Margolis shares in one video as he opens the envelope for one of his residual checks and reveals he has been paid $255.93 after tax.

"The actual gross was actually $400.62. God bless tax," Margolis jokes, adding that his largest royalty check for Superbad came in at a hefty sum of $10,033.34.

"I think there's generally a weird stigma around money, which I'd love to help break. If someone asks what I made [or] make from films, I have no problem telling them," Margolis continues in his TikTok video.

"If someone asks how much my business makes or how much I personally make per year, I'll disclose that without the bat of an eyelash. I think it's very cool to be able to share stuff like that with folks who might be interested in getting into that profession (whatever it may be), as that might be a motivator for them."

This isn't the first time Margolis has been spotted on social media openly talking about money.

In a 2016 Reddit thread, Margolis commented on a fan's question about the money he made from Superbad, saying, "I see no harm in being transparent."

"I used to be super conservative when it came to figures, but now that I'm hardly receiving money from the project, I see no harm in being transparent. $750/day is SAG scale. This was shot in 10 days," Margolis wrote. "I also still collect residual checks (they used to be a lot heftier, of course.)"

Margolis has semi-retired from acting and is employed as a digital marketer, but being part of the Superbad cast is something he will never forget.

"It was so fresh, not a lot of people were famous at that time, so it was really fun to shoot, and everybody was just really cool and nice, and it was to this day one of the best sets I ever worked on," he said of working on the film.

What other on-screen roles does Margolis presumably collect royalty checks for? He has been spotted in The Hangover, Ugly Betty and The Mentalist.

Margolis is also slated to appear in Gain, a suspense thriller coming in 2022.

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