In the past few years, the public perception of marijuana has shifted in a major way. Once upon a time, the wicked weed was a demonic underground destroyer of lives but now it's evolved into a legitimate medicine in many states, and it's a legal and bonafide recreational substance in some states too.

Louisiana is not quite ready to go that far but support for changing the state's pot laws has certainly shifted. In fact, a recent survey by JMC Analytics found that 68% of the state's residents support the decriminalization of marijuana.

Granted decriminalization is a long way from making weed legal for recreational use but it is certainly a step in that direction. John Couvillon, a pollster with JMC Analytics told the Louisiana Radio Network, 

Whether you are talking about Republicans, evangelicals, people in more rural parts of the state, and so forth there was overwhelming support for the concept of legalization.

Speculation is that marijuana's acceptance as a legitimate medicine in so many states, including Louisiana, has led to a change in perception. Medical marijuana is now available with a prescription in Louisiana and those who have used it say it works as advertised on a number of different maladies.

The State of New York just recently approved the use of recreational marijuana and officials in the Empire State believe the resulting taxes from selling legal weed will bolster the state's coffers by almost half a billion dollars. So, if legislators were looking for an angle to sell the idea to voters, that just might be the ticket here Louisiana.

As you might imagine support for decriminalized pot is strongest among younger voters. Those 65 years and older appear to be the dominant demographic that is not in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use and or decriminalizing it.

Will this new poll information lead to changes in Louisiana's pot laws in the upcoming session of the legislature? We will have to wait and see but one thing is for sure attitudes about pot have certainly changed, only time will tell if that's a change that will be for the better or not.

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