It seems like the prices on everything keep going up. And, despite the fact the economy hasn't recovered yet, 2012 looks to be no different.

The gang over at DealNews put together a list of 11 things that are expected to cost more in the coming year.

Some are kind of obvious... Like gold. If only I'd bought gold back in 2003!

Others aren't things that I'd normally think about.

Highlights include:

  • Airfare. They predict that plane tickets could go up by 5% to 7%.
  • Computers. I thought this was odd since technology prices usually go down! But because of production issues in the countries where parts are made, prices could go up by 30%!
  • Food. Like prices haven't gone up enough already!
  • Water. The web site claims that cities are raising prices to pad their budgets for other projects.
  • Gas. Heck, the price of gas went up overnight! Last night as I left the radio station, I saw gas on Pines Road at $2.96. Today? $3.15! It's the same gas that was in the tank last night, right?!?

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