Kim Kardashian Mocks Selfie Obsession In T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad
Some very memorable commercials have been released during the Super Bowl over the last 30or so years and the trend will continue this Sunday, too. Companies will hand over millions of dollars to the network for one of their ads to air, and they'll pony up tons of cash for celebrity endorsements…
Big Gas Savings
Discount chain store, Kmart has another funny, winning commercial. This time the funny ad is about the 'Big Gas Savings' offered by Kmart.
When you hear "big gas savings" being said it sounds like, well you know. In this new master piece a husband says, "Honey this solves your big gas …
'Ship My Pants' Video
It's official: Kmart's new "Ship My Pants" TV commercial is a viral video hit. There's even a #ShipMyPants hashtag on Twitter. The premise of the funny ad is simple: the word 'ship' sounds an awful lot like...well, you know.
Moving Commercials
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been helping kids fight cancer since 1962, all thanks to contributions that let families get treated for free.
Katy Perry Stars in Pun-Driven Popchips Ads
Katy Perry is the face of Popchips, and the ‘Wide Awake’ singer is also an investor, so she stars in the new fall ad campaign for the light snack. The ads are colorful, with green, blue and red backgrounds, and they are pun-driven. Doesn’t Perry look thrilled t…