Get Fit, Get Connected With REFIT
There's a new workout program in the local area that promotes health and wellness along with a strong sense of community. It's called REFIT®. It was founded by three women in Waco, TX, and is taking the fitness world by storm!
'Community' Renewed For Season 6 By Yahoo Screen
Merciful Zeus, 'Community' may yet reach its "Six Seasons and a Movie" mantra after all. After NBC initially canceled the perpetually bubbled cult comedy, and even after Hulu reluctantly passed on an opportunity to save the series, Yahoo Screen stepped in at the last moment to re…
Haughton Riding Club Rummage Sale
The newly, re-formed Haughton Riding Club is hosting it's first Rummage Sale this Saturday to raise funds to build an announcer's stand! Come by, get a great deal on all kinds of items and help a worthwhile community organization!
Celebration of Caring with Community Renewal
Saturday at the Shreveport Riverfront there will be a "Celebration of Caring" event with Community Renewal International.There will be free lunch provided by Red Ball Oxygen, as well as live music, games, presentation of the Caring Angel Award and much more!

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