9 Hilariously Painful Treadmill Fails
If there's one thing humans rule at most, it's creating the funniest fails to ever hit the Web. This is particularly true when the circumstances involve a little risk, a lot of courage and a whole lot of oblivion. Ladies and gents, say hello to treadmill fails.
Erin McCarty’s Exercise Group Is Growing
Erin McCarty's walking group is growing! Erin, who promised nutritionist and Olympic trainer Dr. Jason Maggio that she'd wlk at least three times a week, had been a little lax of late, but thanks to Dr. Maggio and a little listener encouragement, she's back on track!
Exercise time for Erin
As our loyal listeners know, Erin McCarty made a promise to Olympic trainer, chiropractor and nutritionist Dr. Jason Maggio: Go walking for at least 20 minutes three times a week. Well, Erin got off to a good start, but, as it does for so many of us, things got a little busy and she missed a few ses…
Exercise and the Economy
Results recently released from a 2011 Gallup/Healthways  poll asked 350,000 adults about how many days a week they exercised over 30 minutes per day. 30 percent of those asked admitted to NOT exercising at all; 19 percent 'fessed up with at least one day but not more than two days a week and 51 perc…
Pigeon Treadmill? [VIDEO]
There are so many ways to get in shape these days.
There's the Shake Weight, joining a gym, dancing with Kirstie Alley... Are just taking a ride on an escalator!

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