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In Honor of Taco Tuesday – Recipe for Fish Tacos
I go through food phases now and then. Right now I'm on a Fish Taco kick. In fact it's so 'bad' I drove with my wife to Texarkana over the weekend to go get Fuzzy's Tacos fish tacos (which are the best). However, 200 miles round trip seems a bit crazy on a Tuesday...
Blk Water Beverage is Just Plain Scary Looking
I pride myself on being pretty adventurous about trying new things, not Fifty Shades of Grey adventurous; more like Pee Wee's Big Adventure adventurous. When I see a new flavor of gum or a fancy beverage I jump to try it.  I will not be jumping to try blk. water.
Your Soda Might Contain Flame Retardant Ingredients
It is disturbing sometime when you stop and think about the ingredients in your favorite food or beverage. Some people are staunchly opposed to drinking anything with high fructose corn syrup, yes I'm talking about you BJ Kelley. Well, what about brominated vegetable oil? Sounds harmless enough…

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