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Funny Flight Attendant
If you've ever flown more than once in your life, let's be honest: you really don't pay much attention to the safety instructions from the flight attendant. Well, this lady is going to change all of that. We want to fly with her!
Toddler Knows He’s Sexy in LMFAO Cover
Ever see something simultaneously ever-so-slightly disturbing and yet overwhelmingly, incredibly adorable? If not, meet Marek, a viral three-year-old with a lot of self-confidence — and a deep appreciation for LMFAO.
Pigeon Treadmill? [VIDEO]
There are so many ways to get in shape these days.
There's the Shake Weight, joining a gym, dancing with Kirstie Alley... Are just taking a ride on an escalator!
End 2011 With Laughing Babies [VIDEO]
We we get ready to say "adios" to another year, I think we need some laughs to get ready for 2012!
I ran across this video earlier today, and Elaine busted out laughing... So I had to share it with ya!

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