This Needs To Be On The Driver's License Exam
This is pure common sense which means it would never fly in this country. It would probably result in a field day for personal injury attorneys but it could save hundreds of thousands of lives. You tell me if you think the idea is crazy or crazy enough to work.
Compare This ‘Sweet 16′ To Yours
This sweet 16 turned sour pretty quickly.
A girl in Hamburg, Germany had 1,500 people show up to her 16th birthday party after she posted an invitation to the bash on Facebook – but accidentally made it a public event. 
It took more than 100 cops to clear everyone from the fiesta shortly be…
Snake Crawling Up A Toilet Startles Girl
If you’ve ever wondered if this could really happen.  It certainly can.  Just ask a terrified seven-year-old girl who lifted the lid on the family toilet and found herself staring at a seven foot long boa constrictor, say police in Hanover, Germany...