Is Haughton More Haunted Than Shreveport?
Shreveport is VERY well known for it's haunted locations. From The Pea Farm to The Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport is full of ghost stories.
But for a city the size of Shreveport, with as much history as Shreveport, you expect that.
Haughton though, how haunted could that be...
Screaming Ghost Caught on Tape
Guests were complaining about loud noises coming from a room. A room that was supposedly vacant.

When a hotel worker went to check on the room, he could hear the screaming.
ghost video from texas
We've checked out reported ghost sitings in several spots in the Ark-la-tex including cemetaries, private homes and even Stocky's Pizza in Haughton. Now there's video of a possible ghost in Sebastian, Texas. Check out the video:
In one of the still photos taken by a relative, it looks …

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