grocery shopping

Grocery shopping in sweats?
I don't know about you, but I want my trips to the grocery store to be quick and painless. Most of the time I only have to pick up a few items. So I don't get fully dressed to run to the store.
I might throw on some sweats, a ball cap, no makeup and some sandals
Peanut Butter Price Hike Could Make Things Sticky for Consumers
Peanut butter has been a staple for frugal food lovers for years, but a looming price increase could make it more of a luxury item before the end of the year.
Facing shortages after a dismal peanut harvest, producers have begun implementing steep price hikes, and consumers will start feeling the pinc…
Save Money With Tommy Tutone Tune
These days, almost every store has one of those "Loyalty Cards" they want to scan.
They're great for saving money. But bad if you like keeping your private information private.
What to do?
‘Smart Cart’ Syncs with Phone Apps to Help You Shop
SK TelecomThere’s little more frustrating than making a trek to the grocery store, only to get home and realize you forgot something important.
Mobile service provider SK Telecom hopes to change all that with a tablet PC-equipped Smart Cart that will sync items from a grocery-list sma…