Could You Survive a Hot Car?
There have been far too many stories in the news this summer about parents leaving their kids in the car while they go in and shop. This is not okay! We all know that a quick trip in the store can end up being much more than that.
Shreveport Ozone Action Day Declared
If you think the heat has been making you uncomfortable, just imagine how bad it is for those suffering from asthma!
The high heat, humidity, and lack of wind have prompted state officials to declare today an Ozone Action Day here in Shreveport.
Blanchard Water Shortage And Watering Notice
This heat and dry spell has just been brutal! I think the last time I remember rain was 1980 something!!!
Last week, the city of Shreveport asked residents to conserve water.
Today, I got an email from Cindy at the Blanchard Utility Department about their water situation.
Shreveport Asks For Help Conserving Water
Let's see... 43 days of 100 plus temperatures... And no rain. It's been a crazy summer so far!
Not only has the weather been creating a high demand on the power grid, it's also placing a huge demand on the water systems.
The city of Shreveport today asked residents to voluntarily conser…
SWEPCO Asks For Help Reducing Power Usage
Earlier today, AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) customers in Bossier Parish, near Benton, woke up to no power.
Due to some equipment failure, the outage could last until tomorrow (Friday) morning!
Now,  SWEPCO is trying to avoid the use of rolling blackouts for the rest of us.
They are …
Too Much Of A Hot Thing!
I'm not usually one to complain about the sun. After all, I'm always putting listeners on the air doing the Sunshine Dance because everybody like a nice sunny day!
But I think I'm going to start some rain dances!
Or maybe sending Robert and Erin on a hunt for water.