Jennifer Lopez’s Finger Dance App
Jennifer Lopez isn't Forbes' most powerful celebrity for nothing. Ms. Lopez is an entrepreneur, a Mom, singer, TV celebrity, movie actress, Spanish-language talk show host and famous dancer.
So while  she is still a judge on "American Idol" and preparing for a world t…
New iPad Might be Too Hot to Handle
The new Apple iPad is literally the hottest tech item on the market. Apple announced Monday that they have already sold three million units of the new iPad. At a base price of $499 that's a whole lot of cash. All those sales might backfire.
I’d Give A Kidney For An I-Pad!
Well, *I* wouldn't... but a teenager in China sure did!
The 17 year old high school freshman says he got in contact with a kidney selling agent on the Internet who promised to pay him over $3,000 for one of his kidneys.
Shreveport Company Creates Storybook App
Two Shreveport companies have teamed up to create an interactive, animated story book iPad app for the young and young at heart.  Moonbot Studios and Twin Engine Labs have been collaborating on the project for the past eight months.  Based on Bill Joyce’s book and short video by the same name, “The …