You Could Be Guest DJ With Robert and Erin
Shreveport's Feist-Weiller Cancer Center is offering you a chance to be a guest DJ with Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty! It's part of their Life Savers 2012 fundraiser coming up Saturday night at the Shreveport Convention Center.
Memorial Day Activities in Shreveport
Many local and area events are going on to honor our fallen heroes.
Today, Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover addressed the Annual Memorial Day salute to Veterans program at Paradise Baptist Church on Hollywood Avenue.
$1,500 Found in Blanchard Treasure Hunt
Two women, who work at Barksdale Federal Credit Union in Blanchard, have found Blanchard's Poke Salad Treasure. Neil Kalberg says Brittney Burt and Theresa Ryan will share the $1,500 after finding it with the fifth clue on day five Friday.

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