Earth Under Solar Storm Watch
The Space Weather Prediction Center (yes, that's a real thing) has issued a Geomagnetic Storm Watch for the planet that will remain in effect through tomorrow due to the G3 level solar storm.
Lightbulb App Makes the Switch to CFL Bulbs Sort of Easy [VIDEO]
As of yesterday, the Department of Energy's mandate for the production of ONLY efficient light bulbs went into effect. There will no longer be any regular incandescent light bulb manufactured in this country. You'll end up having to switch to the swirly light bulbs. But don't worry there's a handy a…
Incredible 3-D Light Show! [VIDEO]
This is absolutely amazing.  My favorite part is when it looks like the building is crumbling to the ground.  Truly astonishing.  There are some really smart people out there, then there are DJ's.  :-/