Ghost Hunting Gear To Guarantee a Haunting Good Time
National Ghost Hunting Day is next Saturday but we're already knee-deep in ghost hunting season. Whether you're just curious about ghost hunting or looking to up your well-seasoned paranormal investigations these key pieces of equipment are dying to make their way into your arsenal.
Ghost Caught On Surveillance Footage From Old State Capitol
For years there have been weird things happening in Louisiana's Old State Capitol building in Baton Rouge. Regular people to television ghost hunters have seen and felt things that weren't normal in the building set on the edge of the river in the Red Stick that once housed the Louisiana …
Is There A Such Thing As An Evil Doll?
Famed paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren have investigated many a strange and creepy case. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, some of their claims can be quite hair-raising. And a few of their cases have been made into blockbuster horror movies.

The case of a haunted doll name…