NFL Players Allowed To Wear 9/11 Tribute Gear
Earlier this morning, the Internet was buzzing with stories that the NFL was going to fine players if they wore uniforms paying tribute to the fallen heroes of 9/11.
Luckily, either they finally thought better of it... Or there was enough outrage to change their minds!
What Did 9/11 Look Like From Space? [PICTURE]
The Twin Towers were enormous buildings and the attacks of 9/11 were of such magnitude that people were able to see the skyline change from neighboring states and camera-equipped satellites were even able to capture the aftermath from space.
National 9/11 Flag Touring the United States
After the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, one of the largest American flags damaged during the attacks continued to fly above the resulting wreckage during the clean-up efforts.
Seven years later, that flag, dubbed the National 9/11 Flag, was sewn back together by tornado surviv…

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