Is Ear Candling a Hoax?
I took to Facebook to talk about ear candling and so many people were freaking out about it being a hoax. Have you ever tried it? Did it work for you?
WATCH: Girl Makes Crazy Animal Sound Effects
Lately I've been making lots of animal sounds with my son, Riley, to help get him to talk. My animal sounds are NOTHING compared to this girl's. This girl is like a one woman zoo! She makes the sounds of a cat, peacock, and even a morning dove.
Convention Center Burglar Identified Through Fingerprints
At approximately 4:30 p.m. on June 24, 2011, Shreveport Police patrol officers responded to a reported burglary at the Shreveport Convention Center in the 400 block of Caddo Street.  Upon arrival, officers learned that an unknown suspect had apparently crawled up and over a set of locked glass doors…