Where Do the Locals Go?
"They've been to Shreveport several times, they want to do what locals do this time around." Hold on, I have only called the SBC "home" for less than a year.
Stock Up on Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Weekend
The 2018 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Weekend for Texas is April 28-30 and for Louisiana it's on May 26- 27. Unfortunately the supplies listed above are items we would be in desperate need of should a horrid natural disaster happen to us. Please consider picking up a few items to add…
Celebration of Caring with Community Renewal
Saturday at the Shreveport Riverfront there will be a "Celebration of Caring" event with Community Renewal International.There will be free lunch provided by Red Ball Oxygen, as well as live music, games, presentation of the Caring Angel Award and much more!

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