Admittedly, the headline is flippant. But the topic is very serious.

With the rapid rise in the number of COVID Delta variant cases, more and more health experts - especially physicians - point out that around 99% of Delta cases involving hospitalization are among the unvaccinated.

In their minds, the answer to the resurgence of Coronavirus (and a possible return to mask mandates and restrictions) is simple. If most of America was vaccinated the virus would be stopped in its tracks.

But not everyone agrees. nationwide there are about 30% of Americans who remain unvaccinated. In Louisiana only 36% have gotten one of the three vaccines.

The reasons are numerous. Some have avoided the vaccine because they don't see COVID as a real threat. Some are hesitant because they lack trust in the vaccine and / or government.

And then there are the conspiracy theorists.

Not to say that all conspiracies are imagined - they were out to get Trump, after all. But KEEL News received this email recently. Take a look. Read it carefully. Then take the poll. Does this particularly anti-vaxxer go too far? it on the money?

"First of all, let me say this; I’m not an anti-vaxxer. 

The doctor you had on saying that the vaccine is more effective than natural immunity is simply wrong.  Study after study is showing that natural immunity, including in children, offers the most protection from Covid and its variants.  Be careful because the guests you have on are complicit in pushing a deadly vaccine. 

It’s disgusting that the ‘Covid Injection’ is killing and maiming so many people and  a huge cover-up is in progress. The media and the government keep this poison and the Covid virus front and center to cover up other things going on in our country. 

Pushing a dangerous, experimental injection with fear is not the way to go.  This injection is created with Graphene Oxide a deadly component to the human body and the long term effects are yet to be shown. The research is out there EVERYWHERE. The Delta Variant does spread easier but is weaker than the original variant and the injection does not work against it.  

The CDC is reporting 11K dead as a result of the injections on just the VAERS reporting system alone. (But) whistleblowers are saying there are more like 45k dead within 3 days of taking this injection. There are reports after reports coming out on the deadly consequences of this injection. (There are) warnings that the technology can sterilize women because it collects in the ovaries. (There are) studies that show all of the vaccine companies knew, but they ignored it and drove the injections out anyway. Pumping information to people designed to create fear to take something that will poison them or kill them is not the way to go.  It’s just disgusting."

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