The recent realignment (by party) of the Shreveport City Council to a 5-2 Democrat majority has resurrected talk of a secession from the city by the most conservative - and moneyed - part of the city.

The History of Ellerbe Park

The conversation over southeast Shreveport leaving the city and forming their own incorporated community has been around for twenty years or more. The idea popped up again in early 2020 when a number of residents voiced growing complaints that their part of town was not being treated fairly by city government.

What Would Its Borders Be?

The potential area for the new "Ellerbe Park," or "Ellerbe Woods," or simply, "Ellerbe" varies from proposal to proposal. Most have the controversial area bordered by Linwood Avenue (or maybe I-49) to the west, the Red River to the east to a yet-to-be-determined border to the south.

It's the prospective northern border that causes the most controversy. Some backers want to go as far as Bert Kouns. Others say just south of LSUS, while another proposal has "Ellerbe" beginning at Flourney Lucas Road.

How Does 'De-Annexing' From the City Work?

And how, exactly, would this de-annexation work? The Shreveport city charter outlines two avenues for secession. One, a vote of the city council, which would almost certainly result in rejection. The second, and one more ripe with possibility, is a vote of city residents, including the area wanting to leave.

So, what's your vote? For? Against? Or the more nuanced (and selfish), "I'm for it if I'm included and against it if I'm not" position. Check back here for updated results, or listen to Robert and Erin weekday mornings on KEEL for more info.

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