According to MSNBC,  Target stores will raise it's starting (minimum) wage from $10 an hour to $11 an hour for all of it's U.S. locations beginning in October - and that's just the beginning!  By the year 2020, Target has vowed to raise the entry level hourly pay to $15 per hour in an effort to improve the lives of their employees.

Target and Wal-Mart have been quietly competing against each other in a wage-raising race that looks to benefit workers in the run up to the holiday season.  Target has stated that the increased pay rate will also apply to seasonal workers.

It's also worth noting that these stores are making their own decisions when it comes to these pay increases.  The Federal minimum wage is $7.25, and hasn't gone up since 2009.  There's good news for Targets investors, too.  Since the retail giant built the wage increases into their $7 billion plan to invest into itself, the raises will not affect the company's bottom line.

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