Yes way, rosé ... and cabernet sauvignon, red wine blend, pinot grigio, and Chardonnay.

That's right, Target is launching a collection of wines, fittingly named The Collection, on March 3rd and they are all under $10!

According to, The Collection includes a cabernet sauvignon, red wine blend, rosé, pinot grigio, and Chardonnay all made from California-grown grapes. Did I mention all five wines go for under $10? $9.99 to be exact.

Here I am thinking Target can't get any more magical and they go and release a line of $10 wine. The basic chick in me is gonna be doing the whip and chardonnay-nay down that Target wine aisle like it's nobody's business.

Cheers to $9.99 wine and spending way too much time in the Target check out line!


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