Alright Swifties, get ready to start hunting even more to find the hidden album title and second single title in Taylor Swift's latest music video for "Me!" featuring Brendon Urie.

Swift revealed on her Twitter and a live Instagram stream with Urie that her next single title and album title are hidden somewhere in the music video. Swift went onto say that so far she hasn't seen the correct answer to the album title.

Fans have been speculating between several different clues and have come up with some astounding guesses. The first being the easy to spot neon sign in the video, "Lover."

Could it be "Kaleidoscope"? During her live Instagram live stream, she did confirm that the scene where Urie opens his jacket to reveal a kaleidoscope was in reference to her lyric in "New Years Day" off 1989, "kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats."

Another fan pointed out that there are home references throughout the video. It even has a symbol for each one of Swift's hometowns.

The final most plausible title could be "metamorphosis," since Swift's mural was a butterfly and used butterflies throughout the video. Fans were also quick to notice that the video takes place in a chrysalis if you look close enough.

What do you think the new single and album titles can be?


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