Just a few days shy of her 25th birthday, Taylor Swift has been named one of Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People of the Year. And in her big sit-down with the veteran journalist, T. Swift touched on topics including drinking, dating and how being a role model -- and being held accountable for her actions -- is actually a good thing.

While it doesn't air until this Sunday, Dec. 14, Us Weekly has the first look at the highly anticipated interview, in which Walters admires Swift's impeccable reputation.

"You have such a good reputation. You have never been the 'bad girl,'" Walters said. "...You don't drink. You don't smoke."

Well, not so fast.

"I mean, I do drink, I am 25," Swift, who will turn the big quarter-of-a-century this Saturday, Dec. 13, replied. "So it's not like, I mean… Yeah, I was at a Knicks game and I had a beer and everybody was like, 'Ohhh!' I was like, 'Tsk.'"

Still, though, the 'Out of the Woods' singer admitted that she waited until she was of legal drinking age to begin consuming alcohol.

"I did wait until I was 21 to drink," she revealed. "I was so paranoid about getting in trouble or setting the wrong example or sending the wrong message."

And making sure she is sending the right message is something of the utmost importance to Swift, who is well-aware of her role as a public figure and role model, especially to some of her younger Swifties.

"I put every one of my actions through a filter before I do them because that's the way my life is," the Grammy winner explained. "That the reality… If I do something reckless or thoughtless or careless, or I treat someone badly, that doesn't just affect me; it affects that person. Then, if that story gets out, or some 10-year-old sees that I did that in a news article… my actions do have ripples."

But despite the potential for it all to be suffocating, Swift explained that she likes being held accountable.

"It's kind of a nice thing to keep you in check to live a good life," she said. "It's not like some gilded golden cage that people make it out to be. Living your life the 'right way' and trying to make 'good decisions' is not necessarily some horrible penalty."

And as for dating, the 'Blank Space' singer reiterated the same sentiment that she's been discussing throughout this '1989' era.

"I don't see a scenario right now, the way my life is, in which it could work," she said of having a relationship during this time in her life. "So I don't think about it because I don't like to think about things that I can't solve."

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