Taylor Swift will re-record her first six albums in an effort to regain music ownership over her entire discography. Swift broke the news to CBS Sunday Morning in an interview set to air soon.

Swift plans to go back into the studio to create new masters for her first six albums that are currently owned by Big Machine. Earlier this year, Scooter Braun, who reportedly previously bullied Swift, purchased the record label, including the masters to the pop star's first six studio albums.

When asked by CBS Sunday Morning's Tracy Smith about re-recording her songs to regain control of the rights to her music, Swift said, "Oh, yeah." Smith followed up asking, "That's the plan?" to which Swift replied, "Yeah, absolutely."

The new interview, which will air Sunday (August 25) at 9 a.m. ET on CBS, will show Swift at home and in the studio where she speaks about the Big Machine buyout, growing up in the music business, about her new music video and album.

Swift explained that she found out about the deal "when it was online." However, Big Machine officials have told another story.

On Twitter in July, Kelly Clarkson suggested that Swift should re-record her first six albums to gain her music ownership back.

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