With the tension in Iraq continuing to flare up, what will happen with gas prices?

On Sunday, you could get regular unleaded for $3.16 a gallon at Sam's Club on Youree Drive. We checked out gasbuddy.com and you can still find some local stations selling gas for prices under $3.20 a gallon. The Kangaroo Station at Youree and Bert Kouns has gas for sale at $3.19 a gallon, while it's $3.21 at Sam's Club today.  WalMart, Raceway and some Circle K stores have gas @ $3.23 a gallon. The cheapest price we could find in Bossier City is at the Clark Station on Airline @ Melrose where it's $3.21/gallon. Other stations in Bossier City are all priced above $3.30/gallon. In Baton Rouge, the lowest price is $3.19/gallon. Prices in New Orleans are above $3.30/gallon today. A couple of stations have gas at $3.29. In Dallas, the lowest you will find is $3.39 and that's only at a handful of stations. Dallas drivers are already paying over $3.40/gallon.

Let's take a look at some of the state averages:

Lowest Prices:

South Carolina:     $3.37

Mississippi:           $3.39

Louisiana:             $3.40

Alabama               $3.40

Tennessee           $3.42

Highest Prices:
Michigan               $3.92
Illinois                   $3.97
Alaska                  $4.01
California             $4.08
Hawaii                  $4.38

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