A monkey and it's owner walk into a Buc-ee's, whats the worst that can happen? This is serious monkey business (Sorry, had to). The Terrell Police CID Department and the City of Terrell's Animal Control are hoping the public can identify or give any information when it comes to the monkey and his owner. The monkey's owner has been described as a white male. The monkey allegedly bit a little girl on Friday July 21st. According to NBC-DFW the Terrell Police Department just wants to make sure that the monkey is up to date on all of it's shots, with the safety of the little girl in mind. If you recognize the monkey or it's owner call (469)474-2700

My guess, Ross Geller is at it again. Marcel the monkey needed some beaver chips and that little girl shouldn't run up on a monkey like that. Get your own beaver chips and taffy. Moral of the story here, if it's not your monkey don't touch it!


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