Louisiana could be in a battle with Texas to bring in a major lithium refining plant. Tesla is reportedly looking at possible sites in each state for bringing in this operation. Reports indicate Tesla has filed a notice with Texas requesting tax breaks for such an operation.

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But the report says there is also a location in Louisiana that is also being considered. Tesla wants a site that has access to the shipping channel to the Gulf.

Tesla is moving in the direction of building its own lithium plant because of recent issues with the supply chain. The company has struggled to keep batteries flowing to its manufacturing plants.

Tesla executives have not made a final decision on proceeding with this project, but it they do move in that direction, construction could begin later this year.

The plant could be open and producing batteries by the end of 2024.

A Tesla letter to Texas leaders says this plant “would be the first of its kind in North America." The plant would process "raw ore material into a usable state for battery production and the lithium hydroxide would then be shipped to the company's battery manufacturing plants.”

What Sites Are Being Considered for Tesla Lithium Plant?

In Texas, Tesla is looking at a site in Robstown near Corpus Christi. This site could also refine other raw materials down the road. This project is expected to cost more than $350 million dollars. No specific details have been released about a possible site in Louisiana.

 How Many Jobs Will Be Created?

The lithium refinery will create nearly 400 permanent jobs in addition to hundreds of jobs during the construction phase.

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