Not all cities are the best cities to live in if you want to live an active lifestyle.

2018 is upon us and so are the resolutions to be better mentally, physically and emotionally. Many of us want to adopt a more active lifestyle and spend more time moving than remaining sedentary. Of course, this idea comes right after weeks of sitting sedentary during the holidays so it's easier said than done.

However, we press on.

This resolutions will stick for some, but not for others. Rather than blame the person, how about we blame the place we live. My father always said "those who are looking for an excuse will always find one" and we found a good one! If our resolution starts slipping, it's not our fault. Jackpot!

WalletHub put out a list of the "Best and Worst Cities for an Active Lifestyle." The data used to determine these ranking came from several contributing factors like average monthly fitness club fees, percentage of inactive adults, as well as access to outdoor activities.

Texas put up poor numbers.

In fact, four cities landed in the bottom ten on the list. Irving ranked the worst at number 98. Following close behind were Arlington (95), Laredo (94), and Garland (93). The majority of these cities are in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex so I think we need to consider a little bit of a grace bubble here. Living in a big city doesn't always give you a chance to get outdoors.

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