In previous years, Louisiana and Texas have had similar fireworks selling seasons, but that has now changed and Texas has opened up the selling season of fireworks to more than just the Fourth of July and New Year's!

A new law passed by the Texas Legislature expands the firework selling season to include Texas Independence Day, San Jacinto Day and Memorial Day. Sales of fireworks on these additional days will vary from county to county and each county commissioner's court must approve the sale of the legal explosives. The county commissioner's courts will also work closely with the county fire marshal with regards to burn bans and other hazardous conditions. If burn bans are in place, fireworks sales will be illegal.

Several Texas counties have already approved the sales of fireworks for Texas Independence Day, which is Wednesday, March 2nd. Sales will usually be allowed as early as 10 days prior to holiday and will end at midnight on the night of the holiday.