Another great color debate has risen, just like the dress color from years ago, this time though it's over the paint that's on a home!

The battle is happening in a neighborhood in a Houston suburb between a home owners association and a home owner over the color of his home! Dan Swann says his home has been the same color since painting it back in 2006. At that time it was painted gray and still remains gray, but someone in the HOA wants him to change the color of home, that was approved 12 years ago, because they say the color is purple!

Speaking with KHOU, Dan says, "I think my house is gray. But I have been told it's purple."

Homeowner Dan Swann has been racking up fines from the HOA because of this. Swann has proof that his home is not purple because he has the paint cans from when it was painted with Behr's Gray Timber Wolf! In the video he shows the paint can lid up against the house and to me it's the same color!

Since the story aired on KHOU in Houston, the HOA has shown more interest in working with his home owner to put the issue to rest.

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